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By the time most people reach adulthood, all their adult teeth have come in. For most, this means 32 teeth are present. Typically, this includes four molars in the back called wisdom teeth, which come in last and routinely come in awkwardly and unevenly, causing discomfort and dental issues. Some people get lucky and have small wisdom teeth that grow in normally and do not need to be removed, but for many, wisdom teeth should be extracted as they begin to present themselves in your mouth. At Oral Surgery on Merivale, we have years of experience helping our patients through the wisdom teeth removal process. The procedure is one of the most routine in dentistry and our entire team is well equipped to make the process comfortable and hassle-free.

Why get your wisdom teeth removed?

In general, there are four main reasons why it is important to have your wisdom teeth removed:

  • The teeth are impacted: Because wisdom teeth are the last set of molars in the mouth, they are often so far back in your mouth they end up growing into your jawbone or gumline, which can be extremely painful.
  • The teeth grow in at the wrong angle: Wisdom teeth can often begin presenting themselves by pressing up against other back teeth.
  • Your mouth can’t fit more teeth: As humans have evolved, our jaws and mouths simply do not have room for more teeth in the back of the mouth. Most wisdom teeth do not fit.
  • Cavities and gum disease: Wisdom teeth are harder to clean and more susceptible to cavities and other dental problems.

The right time to remove your wisdom teeth

Though your wisdom teeth might not be uncomfortable, X-rays and other tests can determine when it is the right time to remove them. Many people get their wisdom teeth removed as a preventive measure to avoid the pain and discomfort of them growing in the wrong direction or getting impacted. At Oral Surgery on Merivale, we provide you with every option so we can help you make the right decision regarding your wisdom teeth. It may be time to remove your wisdom teeth if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Pain while chewing: As your wisdom teeth grow, they may begin to affect the use and feel of other teeth, especially back molars, which are essential for chewing.
  • Jaw damage: Wisdom teeth can promote the growth of cysts around other teeth, which can lead to severe jaw problems.
  • Sinus pain: Many people who have their wisdom teeth experience increased pressure and discomfort in their sinuses in addition to congestion.
  • Inflamed gums: The area around where your wisdom teeth come in can routinely become inflamed and irritated.
  • Alignment: Often, wisdom teeth grow in the wrong direction and begin causing pain in your entire mouth. When your wisdom teeth are impacted or growing sideways from the rest of your teeth, it is time to get them removed.

A routine procedure

Whether you prefer general anesthesia or a powerful local anesthetic, we do everything possible to make your wisdom teeth removal experience as comfortable as possible. This surgery is one of the most common dental procedures we perform. Our IV sedation and local anesthetic options ensure you will feel minimal discomfort. Dr. Wayne and the entire team at Oral Surgery on Merivale use the best equipment in the business and our results speak for themselves. If you are concerned about complications with other medications or medical conditions, consult with one of our specialists prior to your procedure.

After surgery

After your operation, it is common to have swelling and some discomfort for up to a week. Use ice packs and be sure to take all the medication we prescribe you. Stay hydrated with fluids and eat soft foods whenever possible. For up to three weeks after your operation, avoid harsh foods, crispy snacks, smoking, or drinking through a straw. Your mouth will be recovering and needs time to heal from the surgery. Contact us at any time for questions during your recovery.

Get your wisdom teeth removed from an expert dental team. Call us today!