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Oral Surgery on Merivale Provides Expert Care

Learn About Dental Implants with Our Frequently Asked Questions

At Dr. William H. Wayne’s Oral Surgery on Merivale, you are sure to experience expert oral and maxillofacial care. We know oral pathology issues and dental implant surgery can be daunting to experience. There is a lot you need to know to care for your mouth properly. Our team compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding our services. Explore these questions and let us know if you have more of your own. We want to provide answers and comprehensive care to all of our Ottawa, ON patrons requiring dental implants and more.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are artificial teeth that look and feel natural. The dental implant is constructed of a small titanium post which acts as the root of the tooth. An abutment is built into or placed on the post. It functions as a connector for the dental implant and the replacement tooth. The replacement tooth, or crown, is placed on top. Crowns are designed to match your natural teeth so that you can look and feel your best with every smile.

Why Should I Get Dental Implants?

If you have one or more missing teeth, you’re unable or unwilling to wear dentures, or you have a speech impediment that could be improved with the addition of dental implants, this procedure is for you. As long as your jawbone is strong enough for the procedure, you are eligible for dental implants. Dental implants are a safe and reliable option for people of all ages. They provide an excellent long-term solution for anyone missing permanent teeth.

Are Dental Implants Safe?

Yes! Dental implants are safe and effective. More than three million people in North America have dental implants. While modern dental implants have been used for over half a century, the oldest dental implants trace back to 600 AD. This trusted method of oral care has endured the test of time. As with any procedure, it is possible to experience complications with dental implants. Choosing Oral Surgery on Merivale ensures you receive the best quality care. If any problems arise, our experienced team will be able to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.

Are Dental Implants as Strong As Natural Teeth?

Not many studies have directly compared the strength of natural teeth to dental implants, but many dentists agree that dental implants are stronger than natural teeth. The implanted titanium rod of the dental implant helps to keep the jawbone healthy. Preserving the health of your jawbone ensures your facial structure stays intact. It takes fewer dental implants than natural teeth to support your jawbone in this way. In terms of speaking, laughing, and eating, your dental implants will work and feel just like your natural teeth.

How Much Will It Cost?

When it comes to dental implant surgery, no two patients are the same. We take an incredibly individualized approach to each patient’s care, especially forming each implant to match the patient’s remaining teeth. Because of this patient-specific care, the cost of the procedure varies. The best way to assess the cost of your dental implant surgery is to contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

Are There Insurance Options?

Oral Surgery on Merivale proudly accepts a plethora of dental insurance plans. We value your oral health, and we want to make sure each of our patients can afford our care. We currently accept the following insurance programs:

  • Ontario Works (OW)
  • Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)
  • Family Benefits Agency (FBA)
  • Non-Insured Health Benefits Program (NIHB) for registered First Nations and Inuit patients
  • Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP)
  • Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC)
  • Healthy Smiles Ontario (HSO)
  • Children’s Aid Society (CAS)
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)

What Are the Payment Options?

To make our care affordable and accessible for all, we accept the above insurance, as well as Visa, MasterCard, Interac, and cash as forms of payment. If you would like an estimate to help understand your treatment options and the expected costs upfront, please contact us today.

How Should I Prepare for Dental Implants?

While IV-sedation is not required for dental implant surgery, many patients find that opting for sedation reduces anxiety surrounding the procedure and helps to speed up the recovery process. If you are sedated for any procedure with us at Oral Surgery on Merivale, please review our preoperative instructions in full. Here are some general tips to prepare you for dental implant surgery at our Ottawa, ON practice:

  • Do not eat anything during the eight hours leading up to your operation. It is okay to have up to two cups of water two hours before surgery.
  • You can take any medication as you usually would. Please follow the instructions from our oral surgeon when taking any preoperative medication.
  • You may brush your teeth and rinse your mouth, but do not swallow.
  • We recommend bathing before the procedure, as you will be unable to bathe again for 24 hours following the surgery.
  • Please do not wear your contact lenses.
  • You should wear a short-sleeved shirt to allow access to your arm for the IV. Wear loose, comfortable clothing, and please do not wear perfume or cologne. We are a fragrance-free office to avoid aggravating allergies.
  • Please plan for someone to accompany you to and from surgery. Procedures can take up to one hour. Under NO circumstances will we allow you to drive yourself home. You must arrange for a responsible adult to drive you home and remain with you following your IV sedation.
  • If you are given a prescription to take following your surgery, you must fill it on your way home. You will not be allowed to drive for the next 24 hours.
  • Expect recovery to take three to four days. Plan to be unable to complete regular activities, including exercise and work, for the duration of your recovery.

How Do I Set Up My Dental Implant Surgery?

Contact us to schedule an initial consultation today. Don’t settle for a smile that makes you feel anything less than your best. Take a step towards a healthier mouth and a more confident you. Commit to dental implant surgery from Ottawa’s Oral Surgery on Merivale today.

Experience & Expertise You Can Count On